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On March 18, 1855 the first mayor of Biddeford, Daniel E. Somes, and the members of the City Council met and formally organized Biddeford’s first city government.

February 20, 1865

Act of Legislature passed by the State of Maine.

July 22, 1867

Biddeford Savings was chartered on July 22, 1867. The earliest meetings of Biddeford Savings were held at The Biddeford House.


William Pickering Haines was our first President, serving from 1867 to 1879. He was a graduate of Dartmouth College and began his career practicing law locally before becoming an agent for the Saco Water- Power Company and the Pepperell and Laconia Companies, where he also served as Treasurer for a number of years.The early Presidents of Biddeford Savings were Presidents of the Board of Trustees. The early Treasurers of the Bank served as the day-to-day managers of the institution.


Joshua Moore served as our second President from 1879-1898. Mr. Moore began his career as a stone cutter in Biddeford supplying materials to the railroads. He was an active politician serving the local government and the State Legislature.


In April of 1882, the Trustees voted to purchase the Ne Plus Collar Co. property at 168 Main Street which was later renumbered to 238 Main Street. The building today is referred to as the Lumb Building which is the home of our Business Banking Center! This photo shows the building as it appeared in the 1880's.


Carlos Heard served as our Third President from 1898 to 1917. Mr. Heard owned a hardware business on Main Street. He was active in politics representing Biddeford in the legislature, and in 1896 was elected Mayor of Biddeford.


Ernest Morrill was our fourth bank president from 1917 to 1927. Mr. Morrill had a long career in the textile business beginning at age 12 when he worked as a bobbin boy for the Baker Mill in Lewiston. He came to work for the Pepperell Manufacturing Co. in 1889 and became agent of the corporation 20 years later, a position he held until 1925. He served as our president for ten years.


Arthur Baker served as our fifth president from 1927 to 1952. He was the manager of McKenney and Heard until its sale in 1945. Mr. Baker held one of the longest terms of service to the bank–55 years! He became a corporator of the bank in 1916, a trustee in 1922 and served as the first Chairman of the Board until 1971.


The building where our current Main Office is located was purchased in 1939 to allow for relocation of the bank. This photo shows what the building looked like in 1910–well before acquisition.


This photo shows how our current Main Office location appeared when it first opened at 254 Main Street in 1942!


Arthur F. Maxwell served as our sixth president from 1952 to 1972. Mr. Maxwell began his career at First National Bank of Biddeford in 1919. He held numerous positions within the community as well as at the State level. He also gave his formula for qualifying for a loan at the bank; 1. a person’s integrity, 2. a person’s ability to pay, and 3. the value of a person’s collateral. The basics never change.


Archie Maxwell served as our seventh President, replacing his father in 1972. At the time he was also President of the First National Bank of Biddeford, and laws were changing to make this illegal. Archie resigned his position as President of Biddeford Savings Bank in 1974.


Wayne Hutchins served as our eighth President from 1974 to 1977. Wayne had also been an Assistant Treasurer since 1947 and was elected as Treasurer in 1952.


In the years 1975 and 1976 the bank underwent a major renovation. The teller line was moved to it’s current location, the ceiling was lowered and we added the drive-up. This is the exterior of the bank as it appeared then.


Richard Beote served as our ninth President from 1977-1984.


Biddeford Savings introduced the first ATM in York County.


First Branch location opened on Alfred Road


William Denyer was elected our tenth president in 1984. He came to the bank in 1977 and served as Chairman of the Board after his retirement in 1999.


William Denyer’s first action was to plan a major expansion of the bank which has provided the space for the bank to grow for the last 32 years! The renovation added a second floor over the lobby and drive-up.


The bank opened it’s second branch location in Waterboro.


Telephone banking was introduced. With telephone banking customers can access account information, transfer funds, review transactions and make loan payments!


Our website became live!


The first of our Music on Main Street Concert series.


The bank opened it's third branch in Scarborough.


The bank opened it's fourth branch in Kennebunk.

November 7, 2012

Launch of our mobile banking app.

January 22, 2013

The Alfred Street branch location relocated to it’s current location.


The Scarborough branch location relocated to it’s current location.


Our Waterboro Branch underwent a major facelift!

September 22, 2016

The first Biddeford Savings’ Burger Crawl!