Small Business Loans
Our knowledgeable lending professionals can customize the type of loan you need to take your business to the next level.


Business Real Estate Loans

Looking for a Business Loan?

We know every business has different financial needs. Our Business Lending team has over 200 years of experience making business loans in the community. Our decisions are made locally so whether you're refinancing, expanding, relocating or buying a commercial building, Biddeford Savings can customize a wide range of business loans to fit your situation.

Available for purchase or refinance of commercial, industrial and/or investment property.

  • Purchase, Improve or Refinance commercial real estate
    • Waived commitment fee
    • Flexible terms up to 20yrs. Secured by real estate
    • Fixed or Variable interest rates
    • Construction and leasehold improvement financing options available

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Lines of Credit

Do you need Cash to help you achieve your business goal?

Meet your short term goals by making cash available when you need it! A Line of Credit provides your business with a source of ready cash for short-term needs; with a revolving line of credit you can manage cash flow, finance receivables, make seasonal purchases and also take advantage of trade discounts. You pay only for the credit you use!

  • Finance your short-term cash flow needs conveniently and efficiently
    • 1yr or 2yr commitment available
    • Manage cash flow while waiting for insurance reimbursements
    • Waived commitment fee
    • Immediate access to funds by calling bank or accessing online
  • Floating interest rate
  • Secured by all business assets

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Equipment Loans and Lines of Credit

Is it time to update your equipment, or leverage your investments?

The right equipment can mean the difference between being a leader in your market and being left behind. We'll help you finance the equipment you need to streamline your operations, keep up with technology and stay competitive.

Available for purchase or refinance of machinery, equipment or other capital assets.

  • Ensure your practice keeps up with technology and offers innovative services that increase profit
    • Up to 7 year amortization secured by machinery and equipment
    • Waived commitment fee
    • Fixed or Variable interest rates
    • Terms can match your appreciation schedule
    • Alternative to expensive leases

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Term Loans

What does your business need to grow?

Let us help you meet the demands of your growing business with the right financing to meet your specific needs.

Available for purchase or refinance of machinery, equipment or capital assets, permanent working capital, business acquisition and debt consolidation.

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SBA Loans

We work with businesses of all sizes. When your business needs financing for a longer term than available with a conventional commercial loan program or the flexibility to invest a smaller down payment to purchase owner occupied commercial real estate an SBA Loan programs may be what you’re looking for. SBA loans offer flexible terms andcompetitive rates.

Available for business expansion, business acquisition, commercial real estate purchase, machinery and equipment purchase, working capital and debt refinance.

  • Guaranteed by Federal Government
  • Loan proceeds can be used for working capital and fixed asset purchases
  • Quick approval with the SBA Express Program

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Leasing Program

Small business leasing loans are available for business owners who need to finance an equipment purchase but who don’t want to use money out of pocket. Our experts can help you determine whether an equipment lease financing or outright purchase makes the most sense for you.

  • No down payments
  • 100% financing, including soft costs like shipping, installation and training
  • No application fees
  • Affordable, flexible monthly payments

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