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Checking Plus – Our High Yield Checking Account

This high yield checking account has no monthly fees when you maintain an average balance of $10,000. Even better, as your balance grows, so does your interest with tiered rates for higher balances. Checking Plus lets you use ATM’s free worldwide, offers free online and telephone banking, free Bill Pay, free basic checks, preferred pricing on CD’s and discounts on consumer loans, and more – everything you could ask for in a high yield checking account.

Your Checking Plus account benefits include:

  • Free personal online banking
  • Free telephone banking
  • Free online bill payment
  • FREE ATM use worldwide!
  • Tiered interest rates that grow with your balance
  • Four (4) complimentary "Get Out of Fees Free" Cards you can use to have an unlikely bank fee reimbursed.
  • Free basic wallet sized checks for the life of your account
  • Discounted consumer loan rates
  • View your account online to see the images of checks, debits and credits that have cleared the account
  • Free debit card with Rewards!
  • Unlimited transfers
  • Automatic transfers can also be set up
  • Free online tools
  • And More!

Opening an account is easy with Biddeford Savings Switch Kit or by calling one of our branch locations today.

Do you find yourself using ATMs often?

Our Checking Plus account is the account for you. With a Biddeford’s Savings Checking Plus account, ATMs are always FREE, ANYWHERE, worldwide (we will reimburse the fees charged by other banks!)! No more looking around for your bank’s ATM or an ATM in your banks’ network, saving you money and gas!

That’s because every ATM is your ATM!

Check out our calculator to see how much in fees our Checking Plus account can save you!

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Based on $2.50 fee per withdrawal Savings based on average fee, your savings may vary.