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Bill Perry

Bill Perry
Perry’s Machine Shop, Biddeford

After 25 years at Province Automation in Sanford, Bill went into business for himself in 2005 with one employee in a small rented building in Sanford. A year later, he turned to Biddeford Savings to help finance the purchase of a building in Biddeford. Eight years later, Perry’s Machine Shop has grown to five full time and three part time employees. “I always feel I can call the bank any time I have a question,” says Bill. “I call, and they’re right there. That’s the advantage of working with a local bank. I think they’re great!”

Gile's Farm

Stephen Gile & Frank Boucher
Gile's Farm, Alfred

Biddeford Savings is helping Frank and Stephen grow a historic business in Alfred. Frank, whose grandfather was an apple grower, worked at the 200 year-old Gile’s Family Farm since he was a boy. In 2000, with the help of a loan from Biddeford Savings, Frank purchased the business with Stephen Gile, the one family member who felt deeply connected to the farm’s unique history. “None of the other banks were too excited to help out,” Frank recalls. “Biddeford Savings was different. They were super nice and very supportive.” The farm has done so well, Frank recently purchased acreage adjacent to the historic Shaker Village to build a post and beam sugar house. “Biddeford Savings is a very friendly bank that bends over backwards to help,” notes Frank. “I wouldn’t think of banking anywhere else.”

C Salt

Mike and Stephanie Concannon
C•Salt Gourmet Market, Cape Elizabeth

Mike and Stephanie are pursuing their dream of opening a gourmet market with the help of Biddeford Savings. Successful print brokers, Mike and Stephanie always dreamed of owning a high-end market and deli sandwich shop. When just the right piece of land became available, they jumped on it with the bank’s support. “We talked with two other banks but quickly realized that Biddeford Savings was a friendlier bank we could grow with,” notes Mike. “They not only helped with financing, they helped us develop the business plan and had great ideas for the building. Biddeford Savings is truly a local bank. They’re a good fit for us!”

Travis Blake

Travis Blake
Southern Maine Remodeling, Inc. & Southern Maine Skylights, Scarborough

When Travis started his businesses in his home in May of 2012, he dreamed big but knew he needed the support of a banking business partner to make his dreams reality. “I needed more than a checking and savings account, I needed a bank that was committed to helping me realize my dreams,” he says. “The bank that I had at the time didn’t even return my calls.” That’s when Travis turned to Biddeford Savings. “Biddeford Savings was responsive, energetic and excited about what I wanted to do,” he adds. Travis’ vision included a commercial space where he could showcase his work. When he found a building, Biddeford Savings was there to pull everything together and make the purchase happen. “I’m excited for the move and a future made possible with the support of Biddeford Savings. They’re always accessible and positive. Their first comments are usually, ‘Let’s see how we can do it.’ Their support means everything to me.”
Gary Hammond

Gary Hammond
Hammond & Dargis, Certified Public Accountants, Biddeford

Gary’s relationship with Biddeford Savings began decades ago when the bank helped refinance his home. Since then, he has turned to the bank several times to help his business prosper. In 2009, he acquired his first accounting firm with the support of Biddeford Savings, followed four years later by the purchase of a second accounting firm, for which the bank also provided financing. Today he has nine full-time and three part-time employees and a deep commitment to his favorite bank. “Biddeford Savings is fantastic,” he says. “The spirit of cooperation and support starts at the top with Charles Petersen and cascades through the organization. They’re very flexible. If I say I want to do this, they make it happen. I often say that I will be forever indebted to Biddeford Savings, and I don’t mean that in the literal sense,” he laughs. “They are the best!”

Ray's Truck

Shawn and Danielle Gaudette
Ray’s Truck Service, Saco

Shawn started sweeping floors and picking up tools at Ray’s Truck Service at age 13. Years later, when Ray passed away and his wife chose to sell the business, Shawn and his wife Danielle purchased the company with the help of Biddeford Savings. “When we approached local banks, Biddeford Savings offered us the best deal,” recalls Danielle. “Since then our business has grown. We have three new employees, three new trucks and trailers, and we also financed the purchase of Davis Rigging Company with the help of the bank. I found that I can call Biddeford Savings for anything from computer questions to purchasing land. They’re always there for us.”

Flahery Farm

Jack and Jim Flaherty
Flaherty's Family Farm, Inc., Scarborough

“Biddeford Savings has a lot lower rates than the competition and that means a lot to us. The service is right here too, right handy. They remind us of the good old days. There’s no red tape. You know all the tellers and you see the same people every time you go in. You feel like part of a family. Last winter, when they had to close early because of a snowstorm, they called to tell us. Now that’s the type of service that’s important to us.”

Jim Godbout

Jim Godbout
Godbout Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Biddeford

“I prefer to work with a bank that gives back to the community and Biddeford Savings is one of the best. Everyone -- from the leadership, the board, and the employees -- are local people who help our towns thrive. It’s not some large corporation whose profits go somewhere else. They’re local people whose focus is to build sustainable communities. I’ve lived in the Biddeford/Saco community all my life and Biddeford Savings has always been there for me. Without a doubt, they have helped my company prosper through the years.”

Marcel Bertrand

Marcel Bertrand
Arundel Machine Tool, Arundel

“Growing a manufacturing company over the past few decades has been a challenge and we rely on our banking partners a lot. We once worked with a large bank but found Biddeford Savings in 2005. It’s been a great relationship ever since. I’m a straightforward kind of guy. I know how to cut metal; accounting and banking for me is trial and error so I need support from the pros. Biddeford Savings is easy to work with. They have a great personal touch. The big banks don’t want to listen to your plans – Biddeford Savings is always interested and they follow through. And even when I’m not shopping rates they’ll call me and let me know if I can do better. They don’t have to do that. The people are great, the atmosphere’s great and any time I call they’re there. I’ve brought all my business to Biddeford Savings, even my personal accounts.”

Mike Spang

Mike Spang
Spang Fuel, Kennebunkport

“I’ve been banking with Biddeford Savings for well over 30 years. The relationship started through my mother-in-law, Pat Duranceau, who worked at the bank for many years. You could say I married into the bank! We started with a savings account, added a checking account, then got our first mortgage through them. They’ve grown with our family. Their customer service is excellent – I know every one of the tellers by name and they know me too! Biddeford Savings has always been there for us – our family and our business. It’s good, solid, local banking.”

Dan and Lori Boothby

Dan & Lori Boothby
Cumming’s Market, Kennebunk

“Biddeford Savings is a place you can go where everybody knows who you are. They treat you like family. If you call, it’s always first name. They’re very personable. We try to do the same thing in the store -- ensure a friendly atmosphere. When you find a bank as friendly as Biddeford Savings, that’s where we like to do business. We love the bank and its people. They’ve been a big part of the ongoing success of Cumming’s Market.”

Jack and Barbara Rogala

Jack & Barbara Rogala, Hollis

“On moving to Maine, we looked for a bank like our small town bank back home where everyone is on a first name basis. When we first visited Biddeford Savings, we felt like we had been with them all along. We felt extremely comfortable. It was an easy choice. They have since always been there when any need has arisen. After 45 years in our previous town, we’ve found a home here. We thank everyone at Biddeford Savings for what they have done for us over the past two and half years. I would recommend Biddeford Savings to anyone, even if it means driving a little distance because you’ll find nothing short of ‘red carpet’ service. We trust them completely.”

Karen Bailey

Karen Bailey, PT, IMTC, CNHP
Optimal Performance Physical Therapy, Scarborough

“I wouldn’t have any of this without the help of Biddeford Savings. This was my first venture into commercial lending and Biddeford Savings made it very easy. They listened to what I envisioned, did some research, and came back with ideas. They did a fabulous job! With the bank’s help, we did an ‘extreme makeover’ of our office and opened for business within 10 weeks. Biddeford Savings allowed us to better manage our overhead costs and stay competitive. And they continue to play an integral role. They even call me if interest rates drop so I can get a better rate. Knowing that they’re keeping an eye on ways to help me and my business is very comforting; that peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. Biddeford Savings always goes above and beyond in customer service.”